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DuneGlass Capital is a growth-oriented investment firm that partners with healthcare founders. We’ve developed a proprietary model, Doctor Equity™️, that creates better alignment of interests amongst all parties – founders, investors, and employees – and generates better returns.
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One model, multiple platforms

We’ve combined the best of private practice with the best of private equity to help doctors in four different medical specialties maximize their practice value. Our platforms are specifically curated for healthcare founders with a growth mindset who are focused on outstanding patient outcomes.

Thematic investments

Allied OMS

As we live longer, the demand and the financial resources to enhance the quality of life of those years through elective medical procedures continues to grow. The ability to harness technological advances in oral surgery and bypass older dental procedures with more modern techniques creates tremendous growth opportunities for best-in-class surgeons. Allied OMS helps doctors capitalize on cutting-edge innovations and emerging best practices to provide a wider range of excellent surgical outcomes in a safe environment.

BGS Alliance

BGS Alliance focuses on alternative ways of treating the type 2 diabetes epidemic and the chronic health conditions that are the side effects of long-term obesity. New and advancing surgical and medical treatments for conditions related to obesity can create sustained weight loss and lifelong management of these medical conditions.

LifeFlow Partners

LifeFlow Partners takes challenging vascular, interventional, and cardiology procedures out of expensive hospital-based settings and safely offers patients more efficient, affordable, and convenient ambulatory and office-based treatments. As chronic hypertension and type 2 diabetes continue to impact a larger set of the population, LifeFlow doctors focus on providing improved clinical outcomes for these increasingly complex vascular conditions.

Phase 1 Equity

Phase 1 Equity is a continuation of our focus on evolving and enhancing specialty dental services. As patents on a number of proprietary alignment technologies expire, doctors are able to provide high-quality orthodontic and pediatric dental treatments more cost-effectively to a wider range of patients. We use data to help Phase 1 Equity orthodontists and pediatric dentists better understand and serve their markets and see growth in providing orthodontia to non-pediatric patients and more options to existing patients.

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