DuneGlass Capital announces formation of Allied OMS

A group of prominent oral surgeons along with executives who have significant experience in private equity have announced the creation of Allied OMS. Fort Worth Oral Surgery, Evergreen Oral Surgery, and DuneGlass Capital have jointly created Allied OMS, a Management Services Organization (MSO) serving premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) practices throughout the US. The MSO allows doctors to focus on patient care while reducing the burdens and complexities of running the day-to-day business.

“We have witnessed firsthand a persistent trend toward consolidation in healthcare. Solo practitioners, group practices, and dental service organizations (DSOs) have been partnering with private equity, fundamentally changing the practice of oral surgery. We sought to couple the clinical knowledge and decision making of respected oral surgeons with the business acumen of private equity veterans,” said Dr. Greg Scheideman, a partner at Fort Wort Oral Surgery and one of the founders of Allied OMS. “Our colleagues in dermatology and ophthalmology did not fully realize the value of their practices by prematurely divesting to other private equity groups, and it was not evident until years after the transaction.”

“We sought the advice of our oral surgery partners to engineer a radically different company, one that prioritizes building long-term value creation for our doctor partners and then sharing in that value creation,” said Dan Hosler, the CEO and co-founder of Allied OMS. “We are building a Doctor’s Private Equity company in the field of OMS.”

Allied OMS was launched at the height of uncertainty during the pandemic in April of 2020. Interest in this novel model has been overwhelming and they have given over 100 presentations to OMS practices nationwide. With Allied practices now in Texas and Colorado, Allied OMS anticipates announcing transactions with several respected practices in the coming months.

About Allied OMS

Allied OMS is a new generation of Management Services Organization. Allied OMS is collectively owned and governed by doctor members and founders, leveraging decades of private equity and management consulting experience to employ the tools that maximize practice value and to share these benefits with the doctors – they have turned Private Equity into Doctor Equity™. Allied OMS is composed of best-in-class OMS practices that are in the top-tier of clinical outcomes. Contact Allied OMS at Partner@AlliedOMS.com to learn how they can help your practice be stronger by gaining Power Through Partnership™.

About DuneGlass Capital

DuneGlass Capital was founded to help healthcare companies realize their full potential. With a combined three decades of experience including multi-unit operations, private equity deal structuring, and healthcare business strategy, the founders of DuneGlass have created a repeatable process for value creation. As sons of physicians, they understand how important it is to mentor their clinical shareholders in private equity to maximize the intrinsic value of the practices. Contact DuneGlass Capital at Partner@duneglasscapital.com to learn more about how we can enhance the value of your practice.

Read the press release on PRWeb here.

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