Our team

The DuneGlass Capital team is steeped in private equity experience, healthcare expertise, and human capital execution.

With expertise supporting founders and executives in multi-unit operations, private equity deal structuring, and healthcare business strategy, the Duneglass team has created a repeatable process for value creation so that founders can reap the benefits usually reserved only for the financial world.

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What Makes Up the Duneglass Team?

Running an equity-based financial model for internal business growth, such as the Doctor Equity™ MSO model, requires a multidisciplinary team of financial experts who bring a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table. Below are some of the key roles and their importance in such a team:

Private Equity Veterans

These are individuals who have substantial experience in the world of private equity and understand how to convert businesses into high-value investment vehicles. They possess an in-depth understanding of capital allocation, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategies. Their contribution is vital in helping the organization transform into a more profitable entity.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are responsible for carrying out in-depth financial assessments, including cash flow analysis, budget forecasts, and profitability models. These professionals help the team make data-driven decisions that align with both short-term needs and long-term objectives.

Legal Experts

Given that these models often involve complex contracts and ownership structures, it’s crucial to have legal experts on board. They will be responsible for ensuring that the models comply with regulations and that all contracts are legally sound.

Risk Management Specialists

These professionals focus on identifying and mitigating potential risks that the organization might face, including market risks, regulatory changes, or financial risks. Their role becomes increasingly important as the business grows and becomes more complex.

Tax Advisors

Equity-based models often have intricate tax implications for both the organization and the individual stakeholders. Tax advisors are therefore essential for ensuring that the model is not only compliant with tax laws but is also as tax-efficient as possible.

Operations and Strategy Consultants

While not strictly financial experts, operations and strategy consultants play a crucial role in aligning the financial model with the practical realities of running a business. They bring industry-specific knowledge and can help in the strategic implementation of growth plans.

Negotiation Experts

These are individuals skilled in the art of negotiation, essential for striking deals that are beneficial to the practice and the equity partners. Their skills are often crucial in achieving more equitable contracts and beneficial terms during mergers or partnerships.

Technology Advisors

As businesses grow, the need for robust and scalable technology solutions becomes inevitable. Technology advisors help in the selection and implementation of financial systems that can support the complex equity models and facilitate seamless operations. Managing an equity-based financial model for internal growth requires a diverse team of experts who can navigate the complex landscapes of finance, law, and business operations. Together, they work towards aligning the financial and business aspects to create a sustainable and profitable growth model.