What we do

A different approach to private equity

DuneGlass Capital fuels growth through a repeatable private equity playbook.
We partner with entrepreneurial founders to unlock the value of your healthcare business. We teach you about efficiencies and why they matter to your bottom line, which drives alignment on value creation.
We’ve developed a unique platform model – fueled by high-velocity, high-efficiency aggregation and integration – that allows you to capture the future growth of your business.
Groups within each platform benefit from management teams with decades of private equity experience who deliver negotiating power, industry insight, more equitable contracts, and economics that have historically been reserved for the financial world.
We founded DuneGlass Capital with a commitment to leverage proven strategies and learnings from our 17+ years of experience in private equity, and to use that insight to simultaneously upend the traditional PE model with an innovative approach to partnership with doctors and healthcare company founders. Our goal will always be to enable best-in-class patient outcomes and better economic returns."
Daniel Hosler
Managing Partner

A mission rooted in trust and transparency


The currency in which ownership is held and our philosophy of empowering our partners by leveling the playing field in private equity.


The catalyst for driving opportunity and innovation, pushing personal and professional growth beyond what was thought possible.


The collection of experiences and skills that when brought together, accelerates value creation, driving a virtuous cycle.

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