Top Three Takeaways from Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs 2022

DuneGlass Capital’s Dan Hosler and Brian Hamilton were inspired by this year’s Dykema DSO Conference, where a collection of the top thought leaders in dentistry discussed hot topics in the industry, best practices, and lessons learned. After three action-packed days of speakers and breakout sessions, Dan and Brian left with three key takeaways for doctors and management teams.

Specialty dentistry is white hot. Coming out of the pandemic, oral health and cosmetic care are seeing tremendous patient demand. Doctors should take the time to assess whether their practices are optimized for patient growth and invest in tools, resources, and partners that may help accommodate the influx.

To the providers (oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric and general dentists): research the many options out there before joining a DSO. For help asking the right questions – refer to our latest blog post. Signing with the wrong partner could cost you potentially millions in lost returns.

The star panel for us was “Lessons Learned from Billion-Dollar DSOs.” This insightful team of executives highlighted the importance of people. Your team is everything when it comes to generating success! That said – we wished some of the women executives from the panel “The Impact of Women in Leadership” were represented on the stage as well. We’re doing what we can to remedy that. Stay tuned.

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